Reasons for doing this business.

MightyNeo Inc.

It was my strong desire to develop a business that focuses on mental health and children that led me to develop this business, based on my own experience.

Born in Kyoto in September 1986.
From childhood, I was curious, physically strong, and more interested in playing outside than playing games.

My parents worked together and I was alone all the time.
I wonder if I am erasing my childhood memories. I don’t remember so many things that I wonder if I am erasing my childhood.


<Childhood to elementary school>
What I remember vividly was the time I spent with my cousins who were the same age as me.
My cousin, who lived nearby, had a serious heart disease and could not move as much as he wanted, but he was a very cheerful person.

(1) Heart disease = not apparent
(2) Bright = energetic

With these two points alone, people around him treated him as “normal.
Without malice, of course. Needless to say, this was a huge burden for my cousin.
Even as an elementary school student, he wondered what “normal” was. I wondered this everyday.
One day, many months later, my cousin’s father committed suicide‥‥and my cousin left me.
Now I can understand some things, but at that time I couldn’t understand or act or do anything, I just stood still.


<Middle school to high school>
In junior high school, I was just playing basketball.
In high school, I started to learn about sports mentality.
I realized that strengthening the mental aspect of the game would greatly affect the team’s and individual performance.
Here, visualization (refers to imagining things, phenomena, and relationships that cannot be seen directly. Visualization is not only about imagining, but also about visualizing as images, charts, data, etc.) was fostered here, and it has led me to where I am today. I’ll tell you a tip, if you can visualize with color images, a wonderful future awaits you!


<Working professionals>
Joined Intelligence (now PERSOL).
The day after I thought, “Let’s do what I want to do,” I went to tell them I was resigning.
Because of his hobby of eating and drinking, he studied wine and rum, and experienced everything from restaurant management to setting up a new restaurant. His life of day and night reversals continued, his income plummeted, and he was down to just two IKEA bags!
I can tell you quite an interesting story, so let’s talk when we meet!

After that, he worked for two companies before moving to his last company, WeWork.
At WeWork, I had more touch points with startups and executives.
The problem there was knowledge. I decided to attend a business school on the spur of the moment.
In the process of learning, the desire to start a business began to well up, and I became independent last June.

As for the business, as mentioned above, the dots became lines from the experiences I gained from my three histories, and this became a reality in the form of starting a business.
There is nothing better than childhood experiences.
You can change the way you act, but you cannot change the essence of what you do. With this in mind, we have been developing our current business with the desire to conduct a great business for the “future”=children.

We are now in the process of developing our business, but it is taking shape.

We would like to develop our business with kindergartens, nursery schools, after schools, preschools, and other businesses that are related to children.

We would like to continue to support the future of children.


MightyNeo Inc.
Takayuki Suzuki