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With “Mindfulness”, “Technology”, and “AlazeN (meditation mat)” as our Business Domain,
we will create infinite possibilities together with our customers.
We will redesign mental health by fostering self mental care from an early age.

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    Effects of Mindfulness.

    It can have various effects such as improved concentration and learning efficiency. In Western countries, mindfulness programs have been introduced to improve well-being. There is scientific evidence that it is more effective for children, especially during their developmental stages. Developing mindfulness at an early age, when children are more susceptible to the negative effects of stress, can strengthen and nurture the free nature of their minds without compromising it.

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    AI  measurements

    AI allows robots and virtual assistants to read children’s emotions from facial expressions and other data, and by informing parents and educators in advance of their emotions, AI can visualize thoughts that children are unable to communicate and help parents and educators be more receptive. We monitor the timing of loss of concentration and other factors to help recognize children’s hidden emotions.
    Brain wave measurements are used to measure how mindfulness is showing its effects and to support efficient mental care.
    ※All of these are still under development.

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    Meditation Mat

    Children can have their own mat, encouraging continuity in mindfulness and creating their own space by turning the mat area into a sanctuary.

    This ultra-lightweight yoga mat folds up to A4 size and can be carried in a bag. It is made of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), which does not absorb sweat, and has an antibacterial finish. It is also washable, so it is always clean and ready for use. It is recommended for those who work on yoga or muscle training at the gym on their way home from work, or for those who want to enjoy bodywork easily at home. It can also be used as a bench seat.


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